Leadership in Motion uses a combination of executive coaching and team sessions to set the stage for growth and accountability, so our clients can immediately use the techniques as they return to work or other team environments. Your experience with us will deepen team relationships and strengthen commitment to a shared vision of success.

Each program we conduct is customized to ensure that your experience is connected to workplace issues, team challenges or your personal goals. This summer of 2018 we are focusing our open-enrollment programming specifically on empowering professional women and minorities in organizations committed to enhancing diversity and inclusion behaviors as a key driver of high performance and innovation.

While breakthrough moments can occur naturally in the board room, through practice or structured planning -- we can accelerate those breakthroughs by leveraging horses as co-facilitators in parts of your journey. We combine these advantages with over 20+ years of corporate and non-profit experience in executive coaching, facilitation, leadership and strategy development. What is it worth to you to have a collaborative, high performing team?