Leadership in Motion

Setting the stage for high performance starts with breakthrough moments...
... the kind of moments that create collaborative connections, heighten self-awareness
and drive productive problem-solving skills for leaders and their teams.  

About Owner/Practitioner 

Jennifer Yi Boyer

"Some people can live a lifetime without ever having the opportunity to pursue their passion... Leadership in Motion allows me the chance to not only have the satisfaction of helping leaders and teams grow, but also the experience of witnessing the powerful impact that horses can have on humans at any juncture in life."

Jennifer has spent over 20 years working in both corporate and non-profit organizations. Her career has spanned many industries ranging from financial services, hospitality, manufacturing, education, non-profit and small entrepreneurial pursuits.  These assignments have not only engaged U.S. based colleagues and customers but also numerous teams and partners around the globe.   

Combining leadership, strategy development and performance-based "open to outcomes" facilitation techniques with a certification in Equine Experiential Education, this program is always dynamic and versatile to meet the needs of every client.  Every person's perspectives create a rich dialogue and unique learning that is personalized while benefiting the team.

Jennifer is currently the Chief Talent Officer at ACT, Inc. and is a member of the board for the Shelter House in Iowa City.  She resides at Wooden Horse Farm with her family and animals.