Leadership in Motion

Setting the stage for high performance starts with breakthrough moments...
... the kind of moments that create collaborative connections, heighten self-awareness
and drive productive problem-solving skills for leaders and their teams.  

I've never been around horses. Do I need to know how to ride a horse?

No.  All activities are conducted from the ground and do not require any previous experience with horses.

Why use horses?

It has been said that horses are a mirror for our souls.  On a more practical level, we use horses in our corporate programs because their reactions as prey animals provide us with a source of unfiltered, unbiased, non-judgmental feedback.  Through these interactions we can better understand the impact that our attitudes, assumptions, tone and approach have on others we want to lead and influence.  Horses also allow us a "do-over" to safely try new behaviors and ensure that our intent is consistently reflected in our actions because they don't care about your title or status.

Where is the session conducted?

All sessions are conducted at Wooden Horse Farm in Mount Vernon, Iowa.  Activities are conducted outside in an open environment.  Rain dates can be established at the time of booking if weather is expected to be bad for the entire day.

What should I wear for the session?

Comfortable clothing that is weather appropriate is best.  We recommend layers for longer sessions in case it is cooler in the mornings or evenings.  While boots are not necessary, closed toe shoes are required for arena activities for safety reasons (no sandals, mules, high heels).  Sun screen and bug spray are provided for those that would like to use them.

What if I am not comfortable participating in the activities?

All activities are voluntary.  Learning can occur even as an observer.

I have to sign a waiver form.  Is this session safe?
Safety is our top priority at all times during the sessions.  The first part of every session includes a comprehensive safety review.  There is always a second person supervising the activities and horses in addition to the facilitator to ensure that we are avoiding situations that may stress humans or horses.

Will this be a strenuous session?  Do I have to be in good shape?

You can participate at the level of fitness that is most comfortable for you.  We have even had participants in wheel chairs or with other mobility challenges successfully engage in the team arena activities.