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Inclusion Champion Retreat

*NEW for 2018*

The Inclusion Champion Retreat is designed for Executive Leadership Teams that are fully committed to enhancing inclusion, engagement and collaboration as part of their organization's diversity and inclusion efforts.

This retreat is a 1-day experience focused on uncovering unconscious bias, understanding how it impacts interactions and communication in the workplace and how to make choices as leaders to improve performance and drive innovation through embracing differing perspectives through the lenses of membership and meaningful work.

Deloitte reports that almost 70% of executives rate diversity and inclusion as an important leadership issue and 78% believe it leads to competitive advantages, yet only 38% of them are the primary sponsors for the effort in their organization. In fact, less than 12% believe they have effective inclusion practices in their organizations. 

Gone is the era where diversity was a “check the box” initiative owned by HR. Today it is a comprehensive strategy woven into every aspect of the employee and customer experience. This goes beyond "reportable" compliance categories to driving high performance with significant generational and cultural nuances and implications.

Our goal in this session is for leadership teams to leave with a renewed sense of commitment, courage, cognizance of bias, refreshed curiosity, cultural intelligence, and a plan for how they will collaborate to drive inclusion in their organizations.

Group size: generally up to 12 participants for an intact senior leadership team

Diversity and Inclusion Investment: $6700 includes program customization, experiences, lunch and snacks. 50% deposit due at time of booking.

Leadership Empowerment Retreat

*2018 Summer Dates: July 13-15, August 10-12, September TBD

Beginning in June of 2018 we will open enrollment for our new ground-breaking weekend retreats exclusively designed for women and minority professionals seeking the next level of leadership development to unlock their empowerment and potential in the workplace. This is the perfect program for individuals and corporations looking to invest in their female and minority talent to take things to the next level (can also be paired with our Inclusion Champion program for a full enterprise solution).

Common hurdles in the workplace can leave us feeling like we need fixing and it can erode our confidence, deter assertiveness, and create feelings of frustration that can subconsciously hold us back from being our best, authentic self at work. This program takes a unique approach integrating experiential learning about leadership, relationships, unconscious bias and communication interspersed with equine interactions.

Retreat experiences are designed to constructively surface and address the unique challenges each participant faces at work or at home in a way that allows participants to feel energized, gain confidence, and realize their value without feeling defensive or as if they need fixing.

The retreat weekend is book-ended with personal executive coaching and an optional 360-degree feedback survey and personality assessment for those that are looking for a more comprehensive and lasting solution as part of their executive leadership development. Those committed to making long-term change can also combine this retreat with the "Time Out" 10-week executive coaching program (see below).

Group Size: limited to 8 participants per weekend to maximize individual attention and learning.

Development Investment: Early Bird $1995 - register before June 1. After June 1: $2395.

Comprehensive Leader Package: 360-feedback and personality assessment with executive coach debrief and goal setting: $475

Retreat Sample Agenda:

Pre-Weekend: For all - Individual interviews 20 minutes via phone. For those participating in the Comprehensive Leader Package there will be additional logistics for 360 completion, personality assessment and an executive coaching debrief.

Friday 5pm - 8pm: introductory session, meet our equine co-facilitators, and reception and dinner

Saturday 9am - 7pm: Individual and group leadership experiences with and without equine engagement, debriefs and learning capture for action planning. Continental breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner provided.

Sunday 9am - 2pm: Team Challenge activity, final personal commitments and accountability building. Continental breakfast and lunch provided.

Post-weekend: For all - 15 minute follow-up call for goal planning finalization. For those with the Comprehensive Leader Package there will be an additional 60-minute follow-up session that can also include your manager if this is part of a formal development plan.

Leadership in Motion

Our flagship program is a 1-day experience specifically designed to meet the needs of your team in the areas of leadership, communication, relationship building, planning and problem solving. Each exercise leverages the horses as co-facilitators to explore and experiment with positive

 behaviors to improve team dynamics through immediate, non-judgmental feedback. All activities are conducted from the ground, so there is no riding in this program and prior horse experience is not necessary. This is a fast-paced and dynamic program and each component will be debriefed to create connections and applications relevant to the work place challenges faced by the leader and the team. The session will close with an action plan or commitments that the team owns to create momentum and success. Team survey's and interviews are add-on options that can be part of the preparation to make the most of your team's leadership experience.

Group size: 4-12 participants (groups larger than 6 may require an additional facilitator)

Program fees: this highly customized program can range from $4,700 depending on the amount of preparation, team assessments selected and number of facilitators involved. 50% deposit due at time of booking.

Team Triumph

Some corporate or leadership groups may not have specific improvement goals, might not have the luxury of full day session, or may be larger than we can accommodate in our Leadership in Motion program. For those instances, we offer Team Triumph sessions.

These sessions are also fast-paced learning experiences, but provide more of a "fun" experience appropriate for a mixed group of leaders to supplement an existing leadership curriculum. Unlike Leadership in Motion, Team Triumph is not targeted at enhancing a working team's dynamics, performance and skills.

We've used these sessions with up to groups of 20 and sessions from a half-day to full-day. It's a novel way to "burn off" some steam in a fresh-air environment while allowing horses to be a part of the leadership development and self-awareness process to create a common experience for participants. This session can also be paired with a team volunteer day or half-day at the Miracles in Motion facility for those organizations where community outreach and activity is desirable.

Group size: 12-20 participants with multiple facilitators

Program fees: while less customization is required for this session, the group size requires more facilitators and horses to be successful. Fees range from $2,700 - $4,700 depending on the amount of preparation, length of the session and number of facilitators involved. Lunch and snacks can be arranged for an additional charge of $15 per person per day. 50% deposit due at time of booking. 

Time Out

Our Time Out sessions are focused on individual stakeholder centered coaching. These experiences are designed for one-on-one activities and awareness-building for a leader and coach with a horse. Often traditional executive coaching is conducted in an office or over the phone without the coach ever having an opportunity to observe the leader interacting with others in tough or challenging situations. The Time Out program uses the horse as a proxy for human interaction and provides unfiltered feedback to the participant on their 

These aspects are immediately debriefed with the assistance of the facilitator to explore application to areas the participant seeks to improve either personally or professionally. While these sessions begin with activities on the ground, over time they can progress to riding.

Often a 360 assessment and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator are completed with corporate clients, and other feedback tools can be used for personal development clients. The basic program includes 10 hours of executive coaching that may be configured into multiple sessions over an 8-week period depending on the goals and schedules of the participant.

Group size: one person working with an executive coach and horse once a week for 10 weeks

Program fees: $2500 for 10 hours of coaching, assessments and additional coaching charged hourly per contract agreement.

Time Out Executive Coaching 10 sessions

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